Our Furry Friends Came to Visit!

Our Day Centre has had a visit from Leanimals Mobile Zoo. 

Furry Friends 


 We had a wonderful day of interacting with animals including; an owl, rabbits, guinea pigs and even a skunk! 

Animals can help people living with dementia, it is shown that the companionship of animals improves physical and mental health. Our furry friends are known to reduce feelings of anxiety, agitation, and loneliness which are common feelings in those living with dementia. 

 The mobile zoo is a frequent visitor, here at the Day Centre, and is well loved by all the staff and clients. 

Leanimals 1

Mood Boosters! 


We have found having the animals here, really boosts everyone’s mood and morale! The animals encourage communication and engagement from our guests, with not just our befrienders but with their peers too.


In these photos, you can see how our clients had the opportunity to see the animals up close. Our guests really enjoyed holding the animals and learning all about the animals personalities and routines. 


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